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Using SDS RiskAssist for Fire Department Reporting By Storage
  1. Select Hazard Review
  2. Use the Location Dropdown to select the location for which you are reporting
  3. In the Filter section, click on Flammable. This shows a list of all flammables and combustibles for the selected location.
  4. If you have tagged flammables with specific storage information, you can type in the name of the storage in the “By Tag” box. For example, this picture shows the names of the flammables stored in the “Maintenance Cabinet”.
  5. Use the sort capabilities of the table header to sort the types of flammables as you wish.
  6. Right click on your mouse and use your browser printer to print the page. If you want only the table printed, simply highlight the entire table, right click, and select print. 
  7. Repeat for each storage location and each main Location in the Dropdown menu that you are reporting for.

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