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SDS RiskAssist wins 6th Readers' Choice Award

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Our Mission

We believe that every person handling chemicals can understand the hazards and be prepared to protect themselves, those around them, and the environment.

Our Company

Founded in 2016

SDS RiskAssist is an award-winning cloud-based software for chemical safety and SDS management founded in 2016 by chemical engineers Lisa Hallsworth and Rob Hallsworth. We are located in Ontario, Canada.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SDS RiskAssist supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, working with our clients to take action for a sustainable planet.

Digital Solutions to SDS Management

SDS RiskAssist is available for desktop and mobile applications and is ideal for manufacturers, municipalities, hospitals, automotive shops, medical and dental clinics, laboratories, schools and more.

Personal Touch

We are ready to help you manage your workplace chemical hazards and safety data sheets with digital technology doing the time-consuming work.

Our Awards

SDS RiskAssist wins 6th Readers' Choice Award
2022 Readers' Choice Award Badge
2021 Readers' Choice Award Badge
2020 Readers' Choice Award Badge
SDS RiskAssist™ 2019 COS Mag Award Winner's Badge SDS Management Solutions
Quinte Trailblazer of the year 2019
Ottawa Bootstrap Award 2020
Innovation Guelph Startup of the Year Award 2019

Our Team

Rillea's Team - Lisa Hallsworth team photo 380 x 380


Chief Executive Officer

With a passion to “be the change” and the faith that she could build a better way, Lisa left a career as a senior process safety engineer to explore digital technology as an enabling tool for safer chemical handling.

To achieve her goal, Lisa put together a team of curious, pragmatic but independent thinkers and incorporated Rillea Technologies Inc. Together our team explored the possibility of developing digital tools that would take huge amounts of technical information and regulations and distill it into a web platform that could not only be customized by organization but provide clear, simple chemical-handling knowledge to workers from the C-Suite to the floor.

The result is SDS RiskAssist, an award-winning web platform that revolutionizes SDS Management and Chemical Safety.

To learn more, book a meeting with Lisa to find out how your organization can get onboard!


Chief Operating Officer

Rob brings his experience as a Professional Engineer, Supervisor, Manager and Executive to the entrepreneurial world as a co-Founder of SDS RiskAssist. For over 30 years he has helped organizations reduce workplace injuries, improve product quality, lower costs and increase output. The keys to these improvements have been his natural curiosity, measuring what matters and outlining activities to improve performance in a clear and simple way.

Within SDS RiskAssist, Rob’s ability to cut to the chase has been instrumental in developing revolutionary software that takes complex regulations, an overabundance of paperwork, and opaque scientific jargon and creates simple, actionable information for Managers, Supervisors and Workers.

Rillea's Team - Rob-Team-photo 380 x 380
Rillea's Team - Hiten photo 380 x 380


Chief Technology Officer

Hiten is a software engineer with over 15 years industry experience within Software Development and Web Technologies. He has worked in a range of industries including Finance, Media, Advertising, Human Resources and Online Gaming.

He uses agile methodology to keep work on time and to the customers needs. He has managed a small team at Sky UK Limited to achieve great success creating business critical software.

Hiten has a strong focus on structured problem solving and aligning the solution inline with a clear business requirement.

Leveraging experience in different technology areas and identifying key technology trends, Hiten is strong believer in ensuring best of breed engineering and delivering a product in the most efficient way first time.


Director of Marketing

Matt is a professional engineer, web designer, and marketer who is passionate about delivering exciting content to current and future customers. His insatiable curiosity makes him a great listener and observer of people and how they interact with technology. One of his main focuses is simplifying the messaging around chemical safety and adoption of SDS RiskAssist.

People use chemicals everyday so safe use instructions must be accessible and easy to understand. At the same time, SDS RiskAssist guides employers along a steep learning journey that must be intuitive, efficient and customizable. WHMIS and SDS management can be challenging. The task of improving the understanding of chemical safety for both employers and workers is ongoing and there will always be something to improve on.

Matt-team 300x300
Jackie White


Director of Dental Division

Jackie is a Registered Dental Hygienist with more than 30 years of experience. She has worked exclusively in private dental practices. She has been a member of her national association, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association for 30 years. She is also one of the founding members of Council for the provincial regulatory body, the College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia and is past chair of the Continuing Competency Committee.

With compassion and care for her clients always in the forefront, Jackie sees the value of SDS RiskAssist. She not only appreciates the help to identify potential hazards to products used in dentistry, but values the easy of use and quick reference to the necessary precautions required to protect fellow co-workers and patients.

Jackie is a believer that every dental office should have access to SDS RiskAssist!

Watch the short video below to find out more about SDS RiskAssist.

Our Advisors

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