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SDS RiskAssist & Your Workplace

Click on a sector to find out more about how SDS RiskAssist manages chemical safety and safety data sheets.

Each client we serve has specific challenges that need to be addressed to manage their chemicals safely and effectively. Select your workplace from one of the adjacent tiles to find out more how we address your challenges.


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Healthcare Tile

Long Term Care Homes

Long Term Care Home Tile


SDS RiskAssist™ is an asset in Laboratories


Student in an educational settings


Dentistry Tile


When you manage thousands of chemicals across multiple sites you need clear and concise instructions for your employees.

Municipality Tile
Frustrated by WHIMIS?
Overwhelmed by the number of chemicals you’re tracking across your municipality?
Employees purchasing chemicals that you don’t even know about?
Workers complaining about lack of chemical training and worried about workplace illness?
Get Confident On Chemicals!
See which chemicals to eliminate in seconds, saving time and money.
Educate employees quickly and easily to consider hazards before purchase.
Automatically generate 1-page chemical summaries for easy access & reference.


Healthcare Tile

You’ve got enough on your plate and digging through SDS sheets to find what matters to you shouldn’t be a headache.

No Time For WHIMIS?
Mental health and violence, patient safety and hospital hygiene. When is there time for WHMIS?
Overwhelmed by the need to track pathogens, drugs, chemicals and consumer products?
Are staff asking which products are reproductive toxins, carcinogens or asthmagens?
Enable Staff With Knowledge!
Biological & chemical information in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
Give staff access to find relevant hazards wherever & whenever needed.
Gain control over product procurement and save time and money across all departments.

Long Term Care Home

Taking care of your patients is priority one and reading pages of SDS sheets shouldn’t be so time consuming.

Long Term Care Home Tile
No Time For WHIMIS?
Patient care is demanding! When is there time for WHMIS?
Burdened by the need to track drugs, chemicals and consumer products?
Workers wondering which chemical products can negatively affect patient or their own health?
Manage All The Hazards Together!
Combine your safety data sheets in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform for consistent staff training and safety.
Give staff access to search data sheets for relevant hazards wherever and whenever needed.
Track chemical & user metrics for easy due diligence reporting.


SDS RiskAssist™ is an asset in Laboratories

Using chemicals in a lab is a daily occurrence and leveraging your workplace specific information with tags can be that easy.

Wasting Time Repeating Research?
Which equipment is designed for safe use of certain chemicals?
How can a chemical affect your health or the environment?
Wish you could easily share safe handling knowledge across the organization?
Crowdsource And Share Knowledge!
Quickly gain insights about chemical hazards based on regulations & best practices from around the world.
Integrate your chemical safety and inventory management systems.
Tag chemicals with valuable information that your colleagues can leverage.


Become aware of your hazards that put students and staff at risk and eliminate these hazards while using quick-to-access information.

Student in an educational settings
Are Student And Staff At Risk?
Are staff and students in contact with large numbers of chemicals?
Students & parents trust institutions to keep them safe. Worried that you have no time to put the proper chemical handling protocols in place?
Overwhelmed by the number of chemicals you are tracking?
Gain Piece Of Mind!
Eliminate high risk hazards and integrate your safety and inventory management systems.
Teach students chemical safety with easy to digest & quick to access information.
Link 1-page summaries to learning management systems to ensure common tasks are taught consistently and done correctly.


Dentistry Tile

Providing your workers with clear concise instructions can be as simple as a 1-page summary.

Improve Chemical Knowledge
Spending an extended period of time sorting through WHMIS?
Want to know the potential long term effects of your daily products?
Do you need to ensure consistent information throughout your entire organization?
Knowledge At Your Fingertips
Save time and money by making WHMIS simple and useful.
Get educated with simple 1-page summaries of the risks associated with your products.
Help workers and clients know they are being protected with protocols that are easy to digest and easy to read.

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