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Your Guide to SDS Management

Why do you need a guide to SDS management?

Your workplace mostly likely has hazardous chemical products on-site that you are unaware of. Our data shows the average workplace uses 100 chemical products, 70 of which are hazardous according to WHMIS. The corresponding Safety Data Sheets for these products are filled with useful information for workplace safety. Properly managing those Safety Data Sheets is an important first step in becoming aware of the hazards and achieving chemical safety compliance.

Your Guide to SDS Management will give you a complete overview of Safety Data Sheets including the basics, commonly asked questions, industry best practices, and how you can use SDS RiskAssist software to take your SDS management to the next level. This guide is intended for a Canadian audience.

Safety Data Sheet management is often a second thought in a workplace safety program and a missed opportunity when it comes to improving workplace chemical safety. Any organization can become a health and safety leader in their industry by taking a more proactive approach to chemical safety. Make sure you read to the end where there are some surprising statistics and tips on how to best manage the overwhelming (and useful) information found in your Safety Data Sheets.

Your Safety Data Sheets can empower your workplace once you unlock the gold mine of information within them. There are many cases where the hazardous products used in a workplace have safer alternatives! Try SDS RiskAssist today and discover how to make your workplace safer and healthier through better SDS management.


Your SDS Management Roadmap

Road Map to SDS Management compliance with SDS RiskAssist

Your Guide Forward: In the following sections you will be taken through the SDS Management roadmap for success. If at any time you want to be taken back to the Shortcuts menu, click the green button labeled “Shortcuts Menu” on desktop or tablet screens.

SDS Management Basics

The first step of SDS management is to determine if you require it. Since you’re reading this guide it’s safe to say that you do need it. Once you’ve confirmed this, it’s important to learn about the basics of safety data sheets and the different regulations that need to be complied with.

In Practice

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of safety data sheets it’s time to put the legislated requirements into action. In this section you will learn about your requirements to be in compliance with the law. This includes what procedures need to be in place and what actions are required on an ongoing basis.

The Specifics

At this point, it’s time to get into the specific details of safety data sheets and their management. This section of the guide will provide further insight on what you need to know about SDSs in day to day operations.

Industry Best Practices

You’re now in compliance and are lookin