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SDS RiskAssist: WHMIS compliance made easy

Make chemical safety a snap!

SDS management software for a safer, more productive workplace

SDS RiskAssist is the only cloud-based SDS Management software that digitizes your WHMIS safety data sheets and automatically flags crucial chemical hazard information at the click of a button.

SDS RiskAssist SDS Management and Chemical Safety Software on phone, tablet, and desktop
Unlock Data: SDS information is extracted and organized automatically.
Gain Clarity: A summary dashboard shows all your workplace hazards in one place and fast.
Take Action: Improve your safety program with informed decision making.
Feel Peace of Mind: Create a safer workplace with less effort and cost.

Leading organizations trust SDS RiskAssist to keep workers, students, and customers safe

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Easy access to hazard information

You need your chemical hazard information where your people are located. With our phone web app we are everywhere you need us to be.

Worker Ready

Have the hazard information at your finger tips in less than 30 seconds.

Made For People

Simple and easy to use with predictive search plus much more.

Managers: Simplify Complexity

Managing chemicals is hard and we know that it can be overwhelming. Understanding your chemical hazard risks is even harder and that's where we come in.

Know The Risks

High level summary of hazards, procurement practices & regulatory requirements. Know the hazards and the risks your people face.

Eliminate Unnecessary Hazards

Make your organization safer and discover cost savings through better chemical management.

Transform Actions

Set risk reduction targets based on SDS RiskAssist™ insights. Discover hazards that can be eliminated and find supplier consolidation opportunities.

Regulation Insights

Link your data to all applicable health and safety regulations so you can ensure your practices are 100% aligned and compliant.

Supervisors: Know Your Crew's Hazards

Supervisors are responsible for the care and safety of their workers. This is why it is so important to understand your workplace chemical risks, hazards, and be able to provide direction.

Establish Control Measures

Easy to add company specific directives on safe chemical handling.

Timely Specific Training

Easy to access, clear 1-page summaries of specific chemical hazards, handling instructions and PPE requirements.

Hazard Overview

A list of all chemical hazards prioritized by type and severity.

Provide Answers

Have the confidence to provide correct information to your workers.

Workers: Clear Instant Safety Instructions

The real challenge is as the worker on the front lines. You need up to date information and fast. You have the right to know and we like to put that information right in your hands.

Clear Information

Easy to access, clear 1-page summaries of specific chemical hazards, handling instructions and PPE requirements.

Protected Appropriately

To protect themselves and the environment, both day-to-day and during a chemical spill at 2 AM on a Saturday morning.

Specific Work Instructions

Thorough yet quick training that complies with and meets the intent of the regulations.

E-Binder Everywhere

Say see you later to your stacks of SDS binders and say hello to the binder you carry in your pocket.

Designed for Safety Professionals. Loved by workers.

"SDS RiskAssist™ is revolutionary in the chemicals management solutions sector. So much more than a document management system, SDS RiskAssist™ empowered us to easily see the college's entire chemical collection by area and prioritized hazard. It has allowed us to justify the removal of over 300 obsolete and unnecessary chemicals as well as easily completing flammables reporting to the fire department. We have also been able to identify areas to reduce chemical/WHMIS training costs. SDS RiskAssist™ is an indispensable tool to have in our occupational health and safety toolkit!"

Lisa Lynn, CRSP

Occupational Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Loyalist College

SDS RiskAssist™ absolutely deserves all the awards it has received to date! With the help of this cost-effective platform, we have been able to gain much better awareness about the chemical products that we manage. Our directors are very happy with the improved level of knowledge and oversight. So much so that they requested mobile access for themselves! The platform is intuitive and is a great resource for our staff, who find it much more accessible than binders or an online document repository. Visiting the site is becoming routine and the chemical-handling information is clear and consistent.”

Dr. Evangelia Iperifanou

Dental Director, Unite Here Wellness & Dental Centre

"At Queen’s University, student safety and learning are priorities. While chemicals associated with anatomy labs can be hazardous, we have invested heavily into infrastructure to ensure students can work and learn safely in these labs by following proper protocol and wearing necessary personal protective equipment. SDS RiskAssist™ helps our lab personnel and teaching assistants to share clear, consistent knowledge with students about the hazards, procedures and personal protective equipment needed to maintain safety."

Dr. Yat Tse

Safety Officer, Queen's University, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

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Easy onboarding

Upload your SDS collection and see your dashboard summary.

Assess hazards

In seconds you'll know what products to focus on, such as those that may cause cancer.

Control hazards

Use our tools to find safer

products & customize chemical handling instructions.

Train workers

Provide chemical-specific training where it’s needed with automated SafetySnaps & on-demand modules.

Sustain success

Keep your system up to date and integrated with other workplace software seamlessly.