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SDS Management in Municipalities with SDS RiskAssist

When you manage thousands of chemicals across multiple sites that can impact thousands to millions of people, you need more than SDS Management. You need tools to prioritize the chemical hazards you're dealing with and help give your employees clear, simple instructions for safe handling.

You need SDS RiskAssist™!

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Frustrated by WHIMIS?
Overwhelmed by the number of chemicals you're tracking across your municipality?
Employees purchasing chemicals that you don't even know about?
Workers complaining about lack of chemical training and worried about workplace illness?
Get Confident with Chemicals!
See which chemicals to eliminate in seconds, saving time and money.
Educate employees quickly and easily to consider hazards before purchase.
Automatically generate 1-page safety briefs for easy access & reference.

Case Study - City of Quinte West

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  • Challenge
  • SDS RiskAssist Solution & Results
  • Over 300 chemicals city-wide
  • Paper binders for each department/location
  • Time-consuming to updateHazards/risks tracking – an impossible task with limited resources
  • Overwhelming for managers
  • Difficult and intimidating for workers to access
  • Workers lacked specific chemical handling guidance

SDS RiskAssist™ allowed our Management Team to give clear, consistent chemical handling guidance to workers across the City.”

Richard Anderson,

Health & Safety Officer,

City of Quinte West

SDS RiskAssist Solution & Results

SDS RiskAssist’s Solution:

  • Completed city-wide chemical inventory, sourced and reconciled SDSs for all locations to obtain 93% compliance to WHMIS 2015 within 6 weeks of system implementation
  • Customized SDS RiskAssist™ website based on city chemical inventory, available personal protective equipment and city-specific directives
  • Automated hazards database developed as SDSs are uploaded
  • Database is searchable, sortable and filterable by products, hazards and ingredients


  • Rapid implementation had system functioning in under a week
  • City achieved 100% documentation compliance to WHMIS 2015 with 97% SDSs and status notations on remaining 3% of MSDSs, which are currently unavailable from suppliers
  • Instantly able to identify the following hazards: 5% of products contained designated substances,11% had carcinogenic classifications & 9% had reproductive classifications
  • City eliminated 33% of chemical products due to hazard or obsolescence
  • Conducted risk assessments on remaining 96% of products
  • Implemented single sign on so that employees now have barrier-free, electronic access to clear, consistent one-page chemical summaries with city-specific handling directives
  • 60% of products now have clear, consistent one-page chemical summaries with city-specific handling directives (including the most hazardous chemicals)
  • Prioritized chemical hazards by department/location are now available for managers/supervisors
  • Identified procurement inefficiencies for similar products across various locations
  • Defined content for more relevant and focused worker chemical-specific training

“SDS RiskAssist™ allowed us to gain an overview of the city’s chemical-related hazards in a very efficient and cost-effective way. It will allow the City of Quinte West to provide precise, relevant chemical-specific training to employees in all departments while meeting the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act thus ensuring good chemical-related workplace safety.

SDS RiskAssist™ grants our employees access to their department catalogue of Safety Data Sheets at any time electronically through the E-Binder. The “One-Page Summary” gives quick and accurate information pertaining to safe use including specific PPE, Incident Response, Special Instructions, storage and proper disposal of all hazardous products in their departments. This benefits employee health and wellness, builds employee morale and is great for our business and the community.”

– Richard Anderson, Health & Safety Officer, City of Quinte West