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The ingredients page lists all ingredients found in all the products associated with a location. This allows a user to search for ingredients and to find all the products that contain it. There are pre-formatted filters based on regulations and best practices from national and international organizations that list ingredients by potential impact.

  1. CAS Number: The unique number assigned to each ingredient by the Chemical Abstract Service
  2. Ingredient: The name of the component of the product regulated.  Allows cross-reference to regulatory, chronic health and environmental impacts.
  3. Download: Click on this link to download the safety data sheet or document. Allows easy access to the full product information for cross-reference.
  4. Name: What you call the document. This is the same as the name of the PDF file. You can call the PDF anything up to 240 characters. If you click on the name the one-page summary will show up.

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SDS RiskAssist wins 6th Readers' Choice Award
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