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Common Features for Each Page
  1. By Name: Search by all or part of the product name.
  2. By Tag: Tags are company-specific directives that have been added to product 1-page chemical summaries for easy, safe-handling references. Allows users to search by common tags used in their company.
  3. By Comment: Comments are administrative notes that can be added to the e-Binder to help with the administrative tasks of keeping SDSs up-to-date. For example, if a product has been discontinued and there will never be an SDS for the product, a comment can be added to remind administrators of this fact to avoid wasting time on sourcing up-to-date documents. You can search by comments.
  4. By Supplier: Search for suppliers by name. Allows for an understanding of which products are provided by a supplier and the quantity of products used by your company coming from a supplier.
  5. By Format: A list of commonly used filters has been compiled to create easy organization of products. For example, click SDS to see only documents in the WHMIS 2015 format. Click All to go back to the full list.
  6. By Signal Word: Pre-formatted filters by associated signal word. Allows users to review products by associated signal word. ie - Danger.
  7. By Status: Pre-formatted filters available to editors and administrators, filter by the current status of the document. Not applicable to Read Only users because they will only see active documents.
  8. By Date: Pre-formatted filters by date. For example, 1-2 years will show products that have a document date between 1-2 years old. Allows quick review of SDS standards and simplifies the process of updating SDSs.

Anytime you click on the name of a product, you will see a 1-page hazard summary about the product. If your organization has added company-specific safe handling directives, these will also show up on the 1-page summary.

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SDS RiskAssist wins 6th Readers' Choice Award
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