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SDS RiskAssist Header Explained

In addition to maintaining an up-to-date WHMIS SDS collection, employers are required to assess the hazards of the chemicals they use in workplaces, implement control measures to reduce the risk that these hazards will result in harm to people, the planet or assets and train employees about the hazards of the chemical products and how to safely handle them.

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Editors have the ability to manipulate the “SUPPLIERS” page as follows: Actions: A dropdown of actions that can be applied to the supplier list. For example, Bulk Update Tags. Allows for better optimization of procurement activities. No. SDS: The number of safety data sheets being provided by the supplier. Click on the actual number to

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Bulk Tagging

Editors may want to tag a group of products with the same instruction. For example, tagging all severe eye hazards with a directive that safety glasses must be worn. To do this: Select the hazard review page Use the filters to search on “Eye” and “Danger” Click on the box beside the word “Actions” in

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Add a Single Tag

Select any page. Use the search bar to find the required safety data sheet. Click on the pencil icon to edit. Existing tags will appear in grey. To add a new tag, click in a blank area next to the last existing tag for an administrator or in the “Add a tag” box for editors.

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Add a Safety Data Sheet

Select the E-BINDER page from the main header. Click on the button “Upload Datasheet +” Click Choose Files and locate the PDF for the document in your directory. Identify Location(s) in which the new document will be added, from the dropdown menu Add any additional comments or notes for employees. (optional) Save your changes.

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